Copy of Dear dreamers, doers, lovers, radiant high-vibing souls.

Welcome to RE-AWAKEN!

Congratulations on taking the first step to becoming your best damn self! I’m Becca, your new wellness coach! I take a holistic approach to wellness covering mind, body and spirit. I’m here to guide you on your journey to self-love, nourishment and clarity and provide encouragement, inspiration, and motivation on your journey to ReAwakening your life.

I want those around me, myself included, to be their best damn selves. My mantra throughout this entire process has been when you reconnect with your mind, body and spirit, GOOD shit happens. I truly believe that healthy food, self-care, self-awareness and LOVE is the answer to just about every question out there. Most importantly, I want YOU to experience the transformation to a purposeful, abundant life.


How do I know the transformation is possible? Click here to read my personal story about ReAwakening my own life!

Rewaken your life. The rest will flow.

Love, gratitude and positive vibes

Becca Bishop Xx